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Pretty Mouth T-Shirt Give Away

Pretty Mouth T-Shirt Give Away published on 6 Comments on Pretty Mouth T-Shirt Give Away


Do you want to express your passion for boy-lovecraftian horror to the world? Or do You just like really cool shirts? Either way, this just might be the shirt for you. Shirts are available in Small, Medium and Large only.

Prices are in CAN Dollars.

We also will be giving away a free T-shirt to one lucky winner in thanks for 300+ fans!

Give Away! Ends October 31th 2013

Each comment on this page will count for one entry in our contest. Additional ballets can be gained, through tumblr and DeviantArt

Free shipping.


Awesome =D Just discovered “Prettymouth” today and so far its been absolutely brill! Not just in the “boys love” aspect but I am also intrigue by Rizo’s father.

Kinda hoping he’s not a bad guy -tho it did seem like he murdered a young lady in the first few pages-

I love this comic and cannot wait to see what happens next!! 😀 I love Rizo; he’s so cute and I just feel so bad for him I wanna give him a hug! And maybe make out with him…
I also really love the story and especially the art style!

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