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  • Mikakitten

    No way! You are going to be in London? Would love to meet you and buy a copy of Pretty Mouth from you guys. 🙂 that would be awesome!

    • BonesMcKay

      London Ontario >w<

      • Mikakitten

        How did you know I meant UK… *suspicious look*

  • Mikakitten

    Whaaaaaaat!! There are OTHER London’s in the world!? You tease! (I’m stupid) Aww noooooooo! I literally got so excited about you guys coming to the UK. D’aw nevermind…I am still gonna buy it when I come into some money cos I am in love with Rizo. But the sadness of you guys being so far away is depressing…got my hopes up…I’ll just hide in this dark corner inconsolable for a lil while. Le sigh.

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