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Evan is not a monster, he just has a few extra mouths. After what was supposed to be a one night stand with Rizo, a real monster, Evan finds things difficult to break off. Rizo just might be able to undo Evan’s curse.

With a monster in the woods, witches in the shadows, and laughing mouth without a body, Evan needs to decide if it’s even worth putting aside prejudice.

It’s written by Bones McKay and illustrated by Ursula Gray.

  • apologeticcommentator

    ah, that was great! Keep up the good work ekgjegkehjrtet

    • BonesMcKay

      😀 Aw thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed reading.

  • Aleude

    Holly god *-* I watching this…. and I’m fall in love *————–* ASDSADSADSADAD SO AWESOOOME *A* when did it out the next episode?? *–*

  • Antaria

    This is such a great comic! I hope you continue!!!

  • JuniperJollies

    What days do you update on? Or is it just random?

    • BonesMcKay

      Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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