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  • caligo2

    wait what? just what my friday needed, to be started with a HEART ATTACK! oh, poor Rizo, he just looks so… seems like a real pain.

    • BonesMcKay

      Don’t eat glowing rocks. Note to self.

  • Meia Krane

    Rizo dear I’m not sure if eating that was such a good idea ;A;

    • BonesMcKay

      Reminds me of my dog.

  • Robbie

    Things you really shouldn’t put in your mouth.

  • Quadrant

    Well… you have to find out what is edible and what is not someway… even if it ends up killing you or making you throw up. Though personally, I’d prefer to examine the item and try and research it first before seeing if my digestive systems likes it.

  • Nick

    im confused ??? whats going on here o-o first the witch was being mudered now rizo ate a thing???

    • BonesMcKay

      You need to sort of pay attention to the transition into the scene. You might get it 🙂 If not, It’ll make sense in a bit I hope.

  • Faride Vega Hernandez

    poor Rizo TT.TT what’s happen with he?

  • naomi

    i think that stone belongs to the witch’s wand.

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