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I knew Rizo would have to use some monster thing to put the bitch in his place.

Though I didn’t think It’d be that simple….

I just realized that if Ira is the witch they’re looking for this is more like “The wizard of Oz” than I thought in the first place.

I really wish I knew Wizard of Oz better. I hated the movie as a kid… But I do remember liking the book.

That monster dad is the wizard(as he only accepts to help when they stop the witch they should stop by the end of the story anyway) Evan is the 3 stooges(heartless,coward and stupid with Ramona being the part that’s worth it and is ignored), Rizo is Dorothy(only wants a home) and the girl is Glinda(as she usually demans stuff and does nothing).
Ira is supposed to be the wicked witch of the west(as he’s the witch that needs to be dealt with from the beggining) and misterious witch is east(since she’s been dead since the story barely began and has an artefect that for most of the story only brings Dorothy trouble)

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