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  • Gadea

    …May I punch him now? Pretty please? 😀

    • BonesMcKay

      Awwww why we gotta punch Evan?

  • sparil

    what the hell man

  • Kay

    !Woah wait did I miss something! Evan and Ira knew eachother?! They dated?! I need to read this comic over again cuz now it’s totally different omf

    • BonesMcKay

      🙂 Nope, it was just revealed now.

  • schwarzenegar

    He has gullfriend!! :ooo

    • BonesMcKay

      Or he’s lying.

  • Captain Apricot

    Why does he not just admit that he likes other men? Why does he seem so ashamed?

  • Plz don’t tell her Ramona is your gf

  • mangsney

    Oooooh, so that’s another super important reveal I’d managed to completely forget about… (o_O)

    • BonesMcKay

      I forgot about this reveal too a bit. lol

  • annChisch

    Is this man, Ira, from your another amazing work, that I didnt red yet? Because I dont know him, althow i’m greedy reading this the last two days during my free time. Sorry for my horrible english and, YOU are SO GREAT and i love you, this story and art, and every single charachter in it. Even Evan. Especialy Evan.

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