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  • Mr.Suspender

    F-First? POOR RIZO.

    • Sam

      I wonder what happened to him 🙁

      • Mr.Suspender

        I’m so concerned…
        I don’t think it was worth it…
        So not worth it…

  • Guest


  • Let’s see if murder was the answer to all their problems after all! …If Rizo is even dead.

    • BonesMcKay

      Murder solves everything. 😀

  • GloomAndDoom375

    I used to like Silver. She reminded me of me.
    Now I want to rip that bag off her face in Times Square so that EVERYONE can see the monster she is, inside and out.

  • Reader

    WTF. I came into this expecting to ship Rizo and Evan, but seriously all Evan does is exploit Rizo’s kindness and cry. What a little shit. Sorry

    • BonesMcKay

      Nah it’s okay, he’s a total pos.

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