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and the best dad award goes to… big monster from the forest. yeah!!! but i’m not sure if it’s safe for him to be so far away from home, especially being wounded.

To be fair Rizo just kind of threw up monster dad.

what? i know this is a stupid question, taking into account the existence of magic, but how it is physically possible?

Rizo wasnt part-mosnter when he was young right? The monster says so in #164. He says Rizo is human.

Monster dad threw up Rizo one day, he doesn’t fully know how but he did. Since Rizo is part of monster dad he couldn’t get eaten by him. Monster dad watched him when he was little but then started to notice himself having feelings.
Up until Rizo he’d never had feelings, he sort of freaked. He got rid of him trying to pretend he didn’t care. But he did, that’s why he came back. In a way Rizo made monster dad more human, and monster dad made him more a monster. Like compare monster dad to the other monsters you’ll see it.

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