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I’ve been a bit confused for a few pages now, but I’m hoping it all becomes clear later. That or I’ve missed something. Or I’m just being stupid… (^_^)”

When the confusion start? >3< I love to answer questions.

OK, I’m back. The confusion I mentioned the other day started on page 185 because I failed to understand that we were looking at Evan lying in the bed (no glasses, no hat, no scarf; it’s a different person!! XD). I also failed to recognise him as a kid (wth, self??) and understand we were in a dream sequence. Also, since I’d forgotten about his relationship with Ira, the most recent pages really didn’t make any sense. I’ve got it now. I think XD *nods*

Yes, also I think people haven’t recognized that the lady is the same one crying at his beside.

I don’t know WHY…
But I have the tiniest feeling that the reason there’s a shadow over the guy Evan’s kissing is actually Rizo in some weird dream or Evan was, like, imagining it was him but when he pulled away it was that freckled dude.
I seriously doubt I’m right, though. XD
I’ll just let the story continue~

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