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  • sparrow-chan

    sure you were

  • Flam

    Suddenly, I had idea that maybe all 188 pages before we saw long strange Evan’s dream and in fact he’ve been harmed in his neck and stomach… And all this staff was his delirium O_O

  • mangsney

    Why do I feel like she’s seconds away from lecturing him, before he’s even had time to say anything…? (even though it doesn’t look like he can right now)

    Also, Flam’s comment below is blowing my brain. Nooooo, Rizo cannot be created by delirium. I refuse to believe it!

    • BonesMcKay

      Omg, I’d never do that to you guys. I like being cruel in much more original ways.

      • mangsney

        I am both comforted and even more distressed by that reply XD

  • Sam

    So Evan is now “healed”? No more extra mouths?

  • sisal2step


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