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(Came here from dA, yaoi-webcomics group)

I really like your style so far. =) And I’m always appreciating artists who try storytelling without inner monologues and speech bubbles from time to time.

That said I do have some criticism and I really hope you don’t mind. (I’m just trying to help.)
It is rather hard to follow this scene as to why she’s going where. I had to go back to the first page again and read very carefully to understand that she’s waiting for the bus, the bus seems to be very late and she decides to walk through the dark forest (?).
I chose this page to comment on especially, because here the things I’d like to criticise are most obvious.
If the girl is afraid of this dark forst (peephole รณ.o) it doesn’t really show as in the second (?) panel to me it looks more like she’s yelling at the forest and in the third (?) panel as if she saw something she didn’t expect. (Or smelled something?)
I put questionmarks behind the panel-numbers because I’m not really sure what reading direction is to be applied here. Western? Japanese? Could be both way. Mostly because some times the content of your panels go against the flow of the page (especially when you’re changing the point of view a bit too harshly).

As I said I really, really hope you won’t get mad at me for pointing this out. It’s just that I really like the style so far and it would be very sad if it run aground just because the readers are too confused and continously stumble over your paneling and get thrown out of the scene.

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