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I think maybe it would be a good idea to put a trigger warning on this page, if you can? Like, a little window that’s like, “trigger warning: self harm” or something. Sorry to be that person, but I just have a lot of friends that could be triggered by this kind of thing and I would rather them have some kind of warning.

I understand that side of it too. It’s just my personal stance, as some who went through some serious depression and self harm issues. I’d see picture of self harm and get the compulsion to do it, but it was never the picture’s fault. Self harm’s a symptom of much bigger issues beyond me and my art. You know?

I reached a point where I couldn’t look at the word self harm without getting the itch to cut. I couldn’t even look at help posts. It’s rough stuff, I completely understand. But the more you hide from it the scarier it becomes and the harder it is to manage.

If anyone ever needs help my inbox is open at, and there are many available helplines. Don’t let anxiety get between you and the help you deserve.

If talking to people is too daunting though I recommend this blog:

But yes, the only triggers I use are for epilepsy.

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