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Uuuurgh, love this comic so much it hurts… And Rizo. God, Rizo. I want a Rizo too. As a best friend. And Ramona as a girlfriend. And Evan as the boyfriend of my best friend. And we would all live in a happy world without any witches and monsters but lots of steaks and chocolate. Can I get that for Christmas ? Or for my birthday ?

I- I… What just happened ? Is that the end ? But… Evan… and… and Rizo, they…They… But… I… They… It…
…okay. What matters is that they’re gonna be okay, now, right ? Right ? Right ? Please someone tell me they’re gonna be okay.
…and I don’t know who is this nice girl with Evan at the end ! >_<
Anyway, it was fantastic to read this comic ~

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