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Can I just say something, to see if anyone agrees with me?

To me, I hate Evan. He’s a brat who thinks that he’s the only one who has problems. He gives Rizo nothing but hell, and now is USING him to get what he wants! Afterwords, he’d probably drop him like dead flies! He’s not shown to be one bit useful throughout this story, no matter how confusing it still is to me. He just complains and avoids Rizo, and its upsetting because to me all Rizo wants is some sort of affection. To be accepted by someone. And in wanting this, is willing to allow himself to be used like a spoon. I hate Evan for giving him false hopes of kindness and love, and only have negative feelings towards him.

Simply, fuck Evan.

Right up till this page, Rizo just kept reminding me of Crowley from Good Omens because of his appearance. Kept thinking it, and just now finally got around to saying it lol

You guys!? Aghh, Rizo’s pops is an unctuous glop of palpable malevolence! Really, really partial to your pacing and characterisations, reiterating my starry-eyed admiration for you[r] awesome twosome. Sometimes filial visitations make me a little queazy too, is Rizo alright? In the second panel I’m pretending his dad’s inexplicably aggravating Rizo’s chronic hay-fever, the gorgeous lumpy jerk.

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