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  • Nikki Rivera

    Let’s be bffsies Mr. Rizo :>

    • BonesMcKay

      That’s Mr. Cous-Cous to you! :>

  • Meia Krane

    No, Rizo don’t be sad ;A;

    -also is it a bad thing that I’ve mande an adaption fro “There’s Worse Things (I could do)” from Grease for Rizo?-

    • BonesMcKay

      What? I need this.

      • Meia Krane
        • BonesMcKay

          :> That’s wonderful. Yeah, I had a bit of trouble understanding sometimes, you wouldn’t happen to have the lyrics would you?

          • Meia Krane

            probably it’s due to my accent (seeing English is not my first language I’m due to one) here:

            There are worse things I could do
            Than eat a meat or two
            Even though the neighborhood thinks I’m dangerous
            And no good
            I suppose it could be true
            But there are worse things I could do.

            I could feast with all the guys
            Smile at them and bat my eyes
            Press against them and then bite
            Make them think they stand a chance
            Then refuse to let them live
            That’s a thing I’d never do

            I could stay at the forest every night
            Wait around for My Prey

            Eat intruders every day
            And throw my humanity away
            On a meal that won’t be enough

            I could hurt someone like me
            Out of fear or prejudice

            I don’t kill and I don’t lie
            But I can feel and I can cry
            A fact I’ll bet you never knew.

            But to cry in front of you
            That’s the worse thing I could do.

  • ducky

    oh my god that is an enormous scarf

    • BonesMcKay

      I am so jealous, if I had time not making comics that would be my life, giant scarf knitting.

    • Stig Hemmer

      Is he making a scarf for his dad?

  • caro

    Rizo needs a friend. A really good one. ;A;

    • BonesMcKay

      So….. Not Evan?

  • heronscry

    Oh my god I found this comic today and I’m head over heels in love with it. The story is great (sad!) so far and the art is fantastic! I WANNA HUG RIZO SO BAD, MY HEART ACHES WHEN I LOOK AT THIS T___T <3 Is that a scarf for Evan, because if it is, my heart is going to burst with sadness.

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