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i start to feel sorry for him if he had to grow up there. i would like to assume that what he thinks of his mother is not true, surely he is still young, but knowing this comic anything is possible (especially considering his sister in the basement which by the way is far beyond the boundary of strangeness). on the other hand im going to talk about black widows whenever someone asks me about my personal life. shock on the faces of the last panel is wonderful.

There is a bonus comic that goes even deeper into Ira’s personal life but it’s only available with volume one. There are two preview pages up if you want to squint at them though. lol

I’d also like to point out a few pages




Basically,Ira is a witch, probably Hal’s witch based on the fact that Hal lives in his basement. This is the same basement his sister was in. Monster Dad tells us that Hal gives his power in trade for torture, anything mean and deceitful is fair game. So, murdering your daughter and feeding her to your son wouldn’t be out of the picture.

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